Appointment of Fellows

The Heed Ophthalmic Foundation and the Society of Heed Fellows are pleased to announce the appointment of the following 2024 - 2025 Heed Fellows:

Olufemi E. Adams, MD
Luis Acaba Berrocal, MD
Daniel A. Balikov, MD, PhD
Elizabeth M. Bolton, MD
Nikhil Bommakanti, MD
Tyler Etheridge, MD
William Foulsham, MBChB, PhD
Angela Gupta, MD, PhD
Rachana Haliyur, MD, PhD
Venkatkrish M. Kasetty, MD
Anfei Li, MD, PhD
Jonathan Lin, MD, PhD
Lisa Y. Lin, MD, MBE
Paul S. Micevych, MD
Warren W. Pan, MD
Amy E. Pohodich, MD, PhD
Sean M. Rodriguez, MD
Landon J. Rohowetz, MD
Daniel E. Savage, MD, PhD
Prashant D. Tailor, MD
Reid L. Wilson, MD, PhD
Yi Stephanie Zhang, MD


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San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-0249


To encourage and support education and research in ophthalmology and the ophthalmic sciences by providing postgraduate fellowships to individuals of exceptional ability.

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